MARBELLA HOUSE GROUP - private companies union

MARBELLA HOUSE – Real Estate Agency in Spain, focused on Russian-speaking clients. Buying and selling property in Spain, construction in Spain, a new property in Spain from the builder apartments and villas on the Costa del Sol.

MARBELLA HOUSE - Forms part of the MARBELLA HOUSE GROUP, that was formed through the merger of several private companies with 17 years of experience on the Spanish market.

MARBELLA HOUSE specializes in the following areas:

  • Sale of villas, apartments, apartments
  • Commercial property for sale
  • Land for sale
  • Building Services villas and houses under individual projects
  • Legal advice
  • After-sales service properties
  • Integrated solutions in the field of business in Spain
  • Opening of companies in Spain "turnkey" and their subsequent full legal and accounting support
  • Assistance in obtaining residence permits in Spain

MARBELLA HOUSE was founded in 2004, but despite the relatively young age of the company, has extensive experience in real estate transactions. All the matter is that the company's founder, Vladimir Borisov from 1996 invests in real estate in Marbella, buying and reselling apartments and land, both residential and commercial. Personal experience and excellent knowledge of all aspects of the legal side of real estate transactions, was the basis to establish a company that will help solve our compatriots any questions, ranging from the purchase of real estate to an improvements in daily life.

Unquestionable advantage of our company is that we work and reside permanently in Marbella and daily monitor the latest trends and the real estate market novelties. We do not offer our clients real estate all over Spain we sell real estate in a particular place: the Costa del Sol (Marbella, Estepona, Fuengirola, Benalmadena). This "concentration" allows better orientation in multiple offers on the property market and to determine the most interesting and attractive offers on the basis of determining factors: price, location and quality.

MARBELLA HOUSE continually searches for new and interesting offers. Our professional approach is that from a plurality of the housing market, we select only those that fit today. We select only those properties that really are of interest to the client, both in terms of efficiency of investments, as well as prestige, exclusivity, quality and amenities. We offer our clients only the new highly liquid housing, and only those flats, apartments and villas that are of interest to the Spaniards and the discerning Europeans. Particular attention is given to monitoring new houses under construction.

Key area of our specialization - sales of apartments and property under construction. What is the best option for customers and brings maximum profit, as already in the process of construction real estate price increases on the average of 15 to 30%. Everyone knows how has changed the construction technology and finishing materials in recent years. After all, this is a very important fact, as the apartments and other property for sale in Spain is already finished. Therefore, a new home, where in the decoration were used new high-tech materials does not require rework or additional costs.

Basic principles of our company - the ability to understand the client's wishes, to consider geographic, infrastructural, economic factors in the selection of real estate and offer to client the best option, as well as legal irreproachability, full confidentiality, individual approach to each client.

MARBELLA HOUSE carries out the selection and sale of land for major construction and investment companies with sufficient capital for the construction of real estate in Spain (private homes, apartments, residential complexes) or commercial real estate. To such organizations, our company provides support in choosing a reliable and responsible builder at the best conditions. We provide a full range of support for the project - from the selection of the appropriate land by project parameters to the approval of the project in the local town hall.

MARBELLA HOUSE offers quite wide range of aftermarket services for real estates: design, purchase of furniture and repairs of any level, new construction, licensing and permitting documentation associated with the repair or construction work, landscaping, landscape design, rent, help with utility payments and tax payments, contracting of additional services (telephone, Internet, satellite TV), monitoring the state of the real estate. Also provides assistance in all possible life issues and situations (children applying in school and kindergarten, help out with health insurance, we assist in the study of foreign languages).