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MARBELLA HOUSE company sells real estate on the Costa del Sol (Marbella, Estepona, Fuengirola, Benalmadena).

What exactly is the Costa del Sol and why Marbella is so attractive?

Costa del Sol - Coast of the Sun - this is the southern coast of Spain, stretching from Malaga to Gibraltar, located in Andalusia. Costa Del Sol - is the jewel of Spain, the brightest and most interesting province.

Costa del Sol fully justifies its name. On the coast, protected by mountains from the north winds, the average temperature does not drop below 20 degrees and there are 350 sunny days per year.

Perhaps the most attractive place on the Costa del Sol is Marbella and its surroundings - the so-called "golden mile", stretching for tens of kilometers of beaches, luxury hotels, parks and urbanizations. This is one of the most aristocratic and luxurious resorts not only in Spain but also in Europe, rightly considered the jewel of the Costa del Sol. Members of royal families and movie stars spend their vacations at Costa del Sol, and a special atmosphere of luxury reigns here. Style of modern Marbella is determined by luxury villas, four - and five-star hotels, as well as small luxury complexes with private pools, sports clubs, equipped with the latest equipment, fine dining restaurants, expensive fashion boutiques and art galleries. Neighborhoods, streets and ancient monuments and historic city buildings provide excellent presentation of distinctive Andalusian architecture.

The most popular and expensive place in the vicinity of the city of Marbella is an elegant marina Puerto Banus, berth for luxury yachts owned by the richest and most famous people of the planet.

Puerto Banus is often called "the Spanish Saint-Tropez", but this town does not need any analogies with the Côte d'Azur. His name is not covered in dust of time, and represents not the tradition but success, fame, luxury in the modern sense. In a small Puerto Banus, there are almost one hundred of designer boutiques, fifty restaurants and bars. Here you can see the most famous modern Spaniard Antonio Banderas with his American family, Arabian princes with Lamborghinis, the owners of the world's largest corporations, sunbathing on the decks of their own yachts. Puerto Banus - is a magnet for the owners of multi-million dollar fortunes and famous names from around the globe, as well as for all the others who wants to enjoy the freedom, the sun, great cuisine and unforgettable pastime.